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Your photographs are precious....

Your images deserve more than being kept in a drawer. Such precious moments deserve to be preserved and displayed in fine quality mounts and storage cases.

John Warden Photography offers a selected range of archive quality and hand-crafted products to keep your photographs at their best for years to come. display them at their best

Choose from eye-catching wall-mounted large prints, deluxe hand-crafted albums and, our favourite, a high-quality bespoke folio box containing mounted images.

All our photography products are professional-grade and our paper is museum quality. Our mounts are acid-free to help preserve your prints. 

Folio Box

Our clients love these. A Folio Box is cost-effective yet provides luxury and a sense of occasion when you display and share your photographs. 

Each box is hand-crafted to order with your choice of colour and covering. Your photographs are carefully mounted in acid-free mattes and stored in the box. 

Choose between 5 and 10 of your favourite images to be printed on fine art paper and mounted for display in the Folio Box.


£89 - Five 5" x 7" matted prints with a Folio Box to size. Extra prints £20 each.

£129 - Five  8" x 12" matted prints with a Folio Box to size. Extra prints £30 each.

Other sizes and options are available.  Coverings include cloth, suede, and leatherette.

Please contact me for a quote for a bespoke Folio Box with your favourite images. 

Folio Box illustrated: Finished in Cardinal Red suede, 8" x 12" fine art print on black matte - £129 including five matted prints.

Folio Box and USB Stick

A popular option is to include a USB stick with full resolution files of your chosen images.  The USB stick is colour coordinated with your Folio Box and held in a separate compartment to your prints.

This option should be ordered with the Folio Box, and is an extra £80 which includes the digital images.

Folio Box illustrated: Finished in Soft Rose velvet, five 5" x 7" fine art prints on white matte, USB stick included - £209.

Framed images and wall art

Nothing beats having your best images in large format on your wall.  We can provide your favourite pictures in bespoke wooden frames, under acrylic glass or on metal, at sizes to suit your house and pocket.

Prices range from £79 to over £1000 for very large sizes; wooden frames always complement your pictures wonderfully, but acrylic glass is very impressive, especially at the larger sizes which are more cost effective than framing. So please contact me now to discuss your wall art! 

Framed picture illustrated: 60cm x 60cm photograph in an oak wood frame, white passe-partout under glass - £329. 

40cm x 40cm photograph in a black wood frame, white passe-partout under glass - £219.

80cm x 60cm fine art print mounted under acrylic glass - from £289 depending on specification.

20cm x 20cm images in white wood frames, white passe-partout under glass - £129 each.

Our albums - ultimate luxury

The traditional photo album is difficult to beat for presence, quality and convenience. We can offer a wonderful range of sizes, coverings, colours and inscriptions to give you an objet d'art to treasure for a lifetime.  We can advise on the best choices to complement your images and budget. 

Our albums start at £129 to over £1200.

Contact us today to discuss your album. 

Choose your display now...

After purchasing professional high-quality images,  choose how to display and keep them to maximise their value and the pleasure they can give you.

John Warden Photography provides selected products to complement your images, always hand-crafted and bespoke to your requirements.

Our glossy Client Guide brochure gives you more information. Please view it HERE

Contact me to discuss your photographic and display needs now.

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