Our virtual exhibition by the sea!

No social distancing required

The Real Exhibition

In 2019 we curated and held an exhibition of images of a local Quaker community. The physical exhibition - entitled 'Silent Waiting' - was open for ten days around Quaker Week at the end of September, in the Friend's Mission Hall. The exhibition consisted of some thirty framed images of the Friends and their surroundings, along with a display of selected Quaker writings. 

The exhibition was a great success and well received, and we published a small print run of a hardback book with the display images and writings. 

The Virtual Exhibition

We are delighted to now be able to bring you the exhibition in our wonderful virtual gallery, updated with some new images and writings. You can visit and browse at you leisure, with no need for face masks, hand washing or one way systems....

On a desktop computer:  Click HERE or on the image to find yourself transported to our sun-drenched beachside gallery, with an outdoor area bathed by balmy sea breezes. Please be patient while it loads; occasionally we find Safari hangs, in which case  try another browser. Once loaded, you should find yourself standing in the gallery in front of the information posters. Use your mouse or keys to move around by clicking on the green circle with feet. The doors between galleries and to the outside open automatically as you approach them.

On a mobile device:  please download  the  'Artsteps' app from your app store , sign in as 'Guest' and search for 'Silent Waiting'. 

Make sure you browse outside as well as the indoor galleries, and do take your time to enjoy the images and the sea view!

The Images

In case you don't wish to travel to the beach at the moment, some of our 'Silent Waiting' images are shown in high resolution below.

If you like what you see, contact me to discuss photographing your personal exhibition!

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